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Sesamoiditis (Ball of Foot Pain) :: Colorado Foot Institute ::

Sesamoiditis (Ball of Foot Pain) :: Colorado Foot Institute ::

Sesamoiditis (Ball of Foot Pain)
Sesamoids are bones embedded into a tendon. Sesamoids can be found in many joints throughout the body. The sesamoids in the foot look like two little pea-shaped bones that can be found within the ball of the foot, on the underside of the big toe's joint.

These bones act like a pulley for tendons, they aid the big toe with mobility and provide leverage to the big toe while running and walking, especially while "pushing off". The sesamoids also help to act like a weight-bearing surface and alleviate tension to the first metatarsal bone, this absorbs any weight to the ball of the foot while running, walking, and jumping. All of these activities can cause serious pain in ball of foot.

Sesamoid injuries can involve the tendons, bones, and surrounding joint tissue. These injuries injuries are often incurred while participating in activities that require increased pressure on the sesamoids such as running, football, basketball, golf, ballet, and tennis. Additionally, patients with a high foot arch have increased risk of developing sesamoid problems. Wearing high heeled may also contribute to these problems.

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